Oh Africa, embrace me with your warm rays of sun
Sleepy and defenseless in its pristine purity
Gently shake off the deceptive visions
Guide me through the trail of wilderness
I hear your heartbeat, it's pulsing within
Your blood is rushing like the full-flowing Mara it its might
Millions of hooves resonate in me
Giving me shivers, so glorious is this scene...
Oh Africa, I'm aching with you
Shedding tears when words fail
Your lament is mine and so are your scars
Carved by greed never to erase...
When your child falls down and bleeds
A trophy of pride and arrogance
Something dies inside of me, too
Yet I'm the voice of the voiceless, the weak and betrayed
I look at the dusty horizon
With an intricate silhouette of acacia
Delicate and unshakeable, with the dignity of the wild
And my soul rejoices, it gives me hope..